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Why we need a Landing Page?

Your website is your shop front where your visitors will be looking for information about your work and how to support you, but without the right landing pages, all the effort in generating visitors to the site will be wasted.

It is therefore vital you take the time out to build landing pages that are designed to engage and convert your visitors. In our guide which you can download for FREE here, there are easy steps and techniques which are highly effective and guaranteed to convert visitors into supporters. Mark our words!

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Create Funnel Landing Pages on demand

You charity should be in a position to create effective landing pages on demand and quickly. So when you launch a new appeal, project or a campaign, there should be a mechanism in place where you can churn out a funnel landing page in no time.

You want your supporters to hear about your appeal or project quickly, and your beneficiaries need the donated funds even more quickly. So it’s important you have a way of getting a landing page created quickly which focusses solely on driving donations. Whether that’s someone super-trained in your organisation, access to landing page generating application, or a team like Airpage!

Our Landing Page Guide will show you exactly how to develop a funnel landing page in easy steps. Download it now – it’s a game changing tool for your fundraising strategy.

A must-have tool for your fundraising strategy.

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If you have the right landing page, your charity will:

– Engage more visitors

– Turn visitors into supporters

– Improve it’s online rankings

– Increase it’s brand awareness

– Build credibility

Hundreds of charities are using funnel landing pages, are you one of them?

We don't stop here

We know charities are under-resourced and don’t always have the technical skills and expertise in-house. This is why we’ve come up with a easy-to-understand Landing Page Guide which explains every element and the thinking behind it.

We are here to help you and will hold your hand to guide you through this process. Book in chat if you would like to go through the Landing Page Guide and discuss how else we can help you.

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